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Online Dating

We here at want to make your online dating experience as positive and simple as possible. There are hundreds and hundreds of online matchmaking services on the Internet today. Some are very specific, like services designed for black Christians or Jewish "Suddenly Singles." Others sites are very broad--you may not even have to be single to apply! We can help you sort through the myriad of online dating communities and find the one that's right for you.

The Cost of Online Dating

Using an online service for meeting singles has the potential to be a very positive experience, but for some folks, it's a disaster. Let's face it, using these services has a cost. The cost is both financial and emotional.

First dates create a great deal of anticipation. No matter how often you tell yourself not to expect anything, the truth is, you expect a great deal. No one uses a matchmaking service in the hopes of finding someone mediocre. You're not looking for dull companionship, forgettable dates or sub-par chemistry. The truth is, you're hoping to find someone fantastic who thinks you're fantastic, too.

The more dates you go on that fall short of this mark, the more vulnerable or let-down you may feel. By using the best service for you, and using it the right way, you greatly increase your chances of finding a prince (or princess) without having to kiss a lot of toads. Finding the right dating service will also help you save a lot of money. Many of these services are pricey. The pricier sites often imply that, since only a "better class" of people can afford them, only a better class of people can use them. Don't make the mistake of assuming the most expensive site is the best site for you--we can help you find the site you're most likely to have success with.


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